Awards and recognitions

State recognized certificate for corporate responsibility and the significant contribution to the economy and employment in Slovakia

All our combined efforts and cooperation throughout the years have been stately recognized as a remarkable succes! Based on more than twenty years of bakery operation, we have received this esteemed state certificate of recognition that is given to corporate responsibility and the contribution of the Slovak economy and employment. The Pontis Foundation, which gives the Via Bona awards for companies and entrepreneurs on an annual basis based on corporate philanthropy and corporate responsibility, decided to honor CBCG Bakery Komarom as well. We are very proud of this success, because it is an immense recognition of decades of work, which has been set from the very creation of the bakery as its primary goal: to create value and represent it.


AA the high credibility rating In terms of AA credibility rating, CBCG Bakery is now among those, who have been awarded the highest recognition of authenticity and trustworthiness in Slovakia. The company has met the highest standards of performance criteria, such as reliability and stability of the market in 2014 and has therefore been included as a member of the exclusive group of 5.4% who can use the AA as a symbol of prestige.